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Data Processing


Having the right data is important. MyPark's user-friendly admin platform provides unit management, real-time analytics, user data and much more. By having access to key analytics and data points, our admin platform will help your team to improve your facility management needs with actionable insights, and gain clarity with real-time analytic reports.

  • User Permission & Privileges

  • Rate Management

  • Real-Time Unit Status

  • Alert Monitoring

  • Completely Flexible

  • Average monthly usage/unit 

  • % of Repeat users  

  • Total hours of utilization

  • Occupancy %

  • Average Dwell Time

  • Spot Usage

  • Average Dwell Time  

  • Amount of Paid Events

  • Average monthly usage

Platform benefits for our customers:    

  • App Integration

  • 2 Accounts with full access to admin portal and online tools

  • Full lot management including rates, settings & permissions

  • Backend and App technical support

  • Adjust rates depending on demand and usage patterns

  • App maintenance and updates

  • Unlimited mobile app users

  • Tamper and low battery alerts sent via emails

  • Occupancy Data

  • Full usage and transaction reports

  • Payments processing and failed payment retries with reports

  • Maintenance tech training

  • Full access to maintenance manuals and resources

  • Maintenance team support

  • Real-time unit status

  • Full use of site and section specific MyPark’s Web App which can be used by customers by scanning QR code or integrated with property’s own mobile app

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